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Release Stress with Our EMDR Psychotherapy Sessions in Edinburgh and Glasgow

Choose an evidence-based option to aid with any detrimental symptoms that you experience. EMDR psychotherapy is recommended by The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence as well at the NHS. It’s ideal for releasing stress from traumas, clearing away outdated or invalid beliefs, and connecting you with your logical mind and away from what is known as ‘the monkey mind’. EMDR has been scientifically and evidence-based proven to enable people with the ability to change their fear and worry into a more logical and positive mind set.

How Does It Work?

EMDR is thought to work by connecting or kick-starting the growth of new neural pathways in the mind. This leaves behind old fears, resentments, and guilt, and instead allows you to see a clearer and brighter future.

The Symptoms of Trauma

Symptoms of unresolved trauma can vary from person-to-person. They often include the following:

  • Forgetfulness
  • Difficulty in Concentration
  • Anger
  • Lack of Self-Worth
  • Disturbing Memories, Dreams, or Flashbacks
  • Poor Appetite
  • Difficulty Sleeping

As a professional EMDR Accredited Consultant, our specialists may recommend this system to you if your symptoms relate to a situation from your past. You may be finding it difficult to let go of these memories psychologically or emotionally.

This may have been a result of negative conditions in one's early start in life, or it could have come about suddenly, such as from a sudden impact or incident of unexpected violence, abuse, or an accident or road traffic collision. It could be from prolonged exposure to negativity, combat stress, or a great loss such as the bereavement of someone dear.

Success Stories

Many people have found that through EMDR, they could release their fear or agitation about driving following a road collision. It has also helped with the residual feelings of angst, pain, and/or misplaced guilt following childhood sexual abuse, and has quietened the symptoms from violence or from a sudden passing of a loved one. EMDR has been clinically proven to be beneficial in cases of PTSD, severe anxiety and even headaches and tinnitus have benefitted.

Inside the Therapy – What Happens?

EMDR, sometimes known as 'rapid eye movement therapy’, stands for 'Eye Movement De-sensitising and Re-processing'. It involves the client entering a memory recall of a difficult incident that has had a lasting negative effect. During the memory recall, the client engages with it in a natural way. This allows the mind to become desensitised to the original memory. They normally re-process information to the mind in a more logical, practical, and self-accepting manner.

Before this stage is started, it is good practice for the client to be acquainted with a simple self-soothing technique. This is personalised to each client, and our therapist helps you achieve this. The 'safe place' vision and effect method is one such technique.
EMDR may be used within a series of counselling sessions, or it could be the main therapy. Counselling sessions are sometimes interspersed within the complete EMDR therapy treatment.

Our Programme

The complete EMDR programme consists of an 8-phased protocol. It is essential to complete this in the correct order and in the correct way. Our psychotherapist, Jen, is an accredited practitioner and a consultant of the official EMDR therapy protocol within the EMDR Europe, UK, and Ireland headquarters.

How Many Sessions?

Our programme usually takes place across 4 -6 visits. As always, it depends on your needs and the issue that you want to deal with. Longer sessions of 90 minutes are sometimes recommended, and these could be interspersed with shorter counselling sessions. Specifics are explained to you before the programme starts. Dedicated EMDR therapy consists of a minimum of 4 sessions (or 3 longer sessions). In cases of PTSD or long-standing traumatic situations, you may require a few more sessions.

How Does It Help?

The aim of our programme is to completely resolve all symptoms of your trauma. This allows you to lead a normal life again. Our founder, Jen, is an EMDR Europe Accredited Practitioner and Consultant. This means that she has completed more than 5 years of EMDR practice under the supervision of an EMDR consultant. She has proven herself to be qualified and skilled in areas of EMDR therapy (for adults or children) is available at the following locations: 

Child counselling and EMDR therapy is held at different locations.
Edinburgh – Regus Centre, 83 Princes Street (EH2 2ER)

Glasgow – Regus Centre, 151 West George Street (G2 2JJ)