Reaching Your Full Potential

Beat your fears - Hypnotherapy in Edinburgh or Glasgow

Boost your confidence and feel better about yourself by choosing our hypnotherapy sessions in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Aiding with issues of the mind, hypnotherapy helps you become the person that you are truly meant to be. It’s a great personal development tool, as it counters negative thoughts and eases difficulties.

Enhance Your Potential

Choose to be whoever you want to be. Hypnotherapy can help you become more successful in your business or career. It also aids with personal relationships and development goals. Stopping smoking, losing weight, and sleeping better are just some of the potential benefits. If you want to program yourself for success in any area, our sessions are the right option. The sessions induce calmness, confidence, and positivity about your future.

CBT and Hypnotherapy

Combining CBT with Hypnotherapy helps you to discover what you really want. It identifies how you may be inadvertently sabotaging your dream, and helps you become the person that you’ve always wanted to be. It’s also used for counteracting negative thought patterns, easing difficulties within relationships, and helps you de-stress if you are feeling over-worked or ‘out of sorts.’

Therapy Locations

All our therapy locations are within a 10-minute walk from major train stations. As well as hypnotherapy, our team also provide counselling and EMDR psychotherapy. Therapies are easily arranged once you contact us. Our locations are as follows:

  • Glasgow
  • Edinburgh
  • North Berwick (East Lothian)

This therapy option is open to all, and it helps deal with a range of conditions. These include the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Confidence Issues
  • Negative Thoughts
  • OCD
  • Relationship Issues
  • Panic and Stress
  • Phobias
  • Personal Self-Development (Stopping Smoking, Developing Your Role, Improving Public Speaking and Sports Performances) 
  • Changing Behaviours


Q: What Will Happen and How Will I Feel?

A: Conversational hypnosis simply involves talking and relaxing. First of all, we fully discuss what you are wanting to change in your life. Then, our hypnotherapist talks soothingly to you so that you go into a very relaxed and dreamy state. You can choose whether to remember the experience or just allow it to be.

You will probably find the treatment to be incredibly uplifting as well as relaxing and soothing. The transformation takes place on a subtle level which can then break through to conscious awareness very rapidly following treatment.

Q: How Does This Therapy Work?

A: Our therapists talk past your conscious mind and reach your subconscious. This is the part that stores the foundations of your belief system. 

It is in this state that we implant new positive ideas and allow your consciousness to accept the possibility of change. If you are resistant to change, we use 'parts therapy'. This is an advanced form of hypnotherapy that allows us to talk to the part of you that is resisting. This is a fascinating technique and one that you will be consciously aware of, if you so wish.

Q: I Would Resist Anyone’s Influence Over Me.

A: We agree and understand that. Therefore, you are in control at all times, and we fully discuss and figure out the changes that you would like to see in yourself before we conduct any hypnotherapy. Your mind is always in control and you can choose to hear every word that is said to you if you wish. You can also choose to simply experience the deepest relaxation that you could ever imagine!